COBRA: Component-Based Security Assessment

Security assessments are both costly and time-consuming, and cannot be carried out from scratch each time a system or a system component is updated or modified. This motivates the need for specific tool-supported efficient methodology addressing the maintenance of security assessment results in particular and a component-based approach to security assessment in general.

The COBRA project developed

The COBRA project was funded by the Research Council of Norway. The overall funding was 750 000 NOK. The project was initiated in June 2002 and ran for seven months.

More detailed descriptions of the achieved results are available in the form of a research report titled "COBRA - Component-Based Security Assessment". The report is divided into 9 chapters and 3 appendices as follows:

As specified in the project-application, the research built on and interacted closely with the EU project CORAS.

COBRA results were published in two papers:

Created 16/11/2002. Last updated 27/05/2010.